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The Garden Lanterns are wonderful means of spreading colorful lights to your flourishing garden or spacious patio. These garden lanterns can be conveniently hung on the branch of tree or topped on a pillar. Our worldwide popular garden accessories manufacturers manufacture both forms of garden lanterns -- one lit by bulb and the other by candle. Check out this website ilikesheds.com for more info about sheds .

We manufacture aesthetic and durable garden lanterns in a variety of appropriately suitable materials, aesthetic & delicate designs, sleek finishes, convenient sizes, and impressive styles. The various types of garden lanterns produced by us are carved out of copper, bronze, iron, brass, sandstone, granite and glass. Our ingenious outdoor illuminating garden torches and lanterns scream elegant style and class. Our robust and aesthetic garden lanterns fabricated using recycled glasses and wrapped securely in a wire frame, together with a wire handle can conveniently and impressively be hung from a tree in the garden or easily placed on a decorative garden table.


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